Firm Profile

Our Philosophy

MODIS Architects is comprised of a diverse group of energetic architects and designers who simply love what we do. By bringing this enthusiasm, along with our knowledge, and expertise to collectively solve problems we create innovative designs that benefit both our clients and end users.

Projects begins with the relationships forged with our clients, which is equally as important to us as the architecture we design. The relationships with our staff, as well as those with the engineers, consultants, and contractors, are built upon a foundation of mutual respect, treating each other more like family.

We believe the basis of each successful endeavor is embedded in the process. By working closely with our clients and a great team of engineers, consultants, and contractors we deliver successful projects.

Our projects are formed through a careful understanding of our clients’ vision while being sensitive to the context and economics of the project Motivated by our ability to serve our clients and help them realize their goals from this visualization to completion is what brings us a sense of fulfillment.

Projects begins with the relationships forged with our clients, which is equally as important to us as the architecture we design.

Ivo Fernandez

Our Origins

After working together for over 15 years and coming off the tail end of a significant economic downturn, co-founders Robert K. Morisette and Ivo Fernandez Jr. took a leap of faith to open their own architectural firm – MODIS Architects. With a desire of creating a positive work environment that would allow them to do what they love, while fostering a spirit of camaraderie, cultivate talent, and engage creativity; they opened their Miami studio in 2008.

Shortly thereafter, Yvan O. Polonio, reunited with our principals and joined the MODIS team. Collectively, with their technical understanding of both architecture and construction, they were rapidly able to establish their identity within the competitive and remerging South Florida market. It wasn’t long before many of their previously established relationships with national retailers and developers began to take notice.

Excited about Modis’ philosophy, one of Ivo’s long time colleagues, Sheila Quigley-Martinez came on board thus establishing our interiors department. With over 25 years of experience, she has made a significant contribution to the MODIS team with her extensive design and project management background highlighted throughout numerous diverse projects.

Within a few years MODIS Architects has grown into a mid-sized firm that has successfully delivered some high profile projects. Today MODIS Architects is compiled with over 25 employees with its’ principals licensed in almost 15 states. The cumulative result of the collaborative efforts within our studio has enriched our practice and has allowed us to forge new ground. We have broadened our focus beyond that of Retail and Multi-Family Residential to include Land Use Consulting, Urban Planning, Mixed-Use Developments, Hospitality, Ecclesiastic, Interior Design, and High End Single-Family Residential.

Here at MODIS Architects, we look forward to applying our same values to each endeavor – Values of personalized attention, work ethic, professionalism, and respect for our craft, our relationships, our community, and our projects that have been a part of the MODIS philosophy since inception.