MODIS Architects is proud to be a part of the team creating the next generation of Radisson Red Hotels. Radisson Red, Radisson’s millennial-focused hotel brand, has an app that allows you to check in online and order drinks from the bar. “The brand has a DIY component to it. The millennial generation has grown up

Rivera Point will launch RED, Radisson’s millennial-focused brand, at the site at 3450 Northwest 25th Street. Twenty-three investors, a majority from Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador, will provide $11.5 million in financing for the 155-room hotel, CEO Rodrigo Azpúrua told The Real Deal. The popular visa program grants permanent U.S. residency to investors (as well as their immediate family

26 Edgewater, a MODIS Architects, LLC designed mixed-use, retail and multi-family project is being recognized for its unique perspective in tackling the diminishing availability of workforce housing. By “building smaller condos and apartments. The price per square foot is about the same, but the base rent is less because there’s less space.” This allows for

Rendering of a handcrafted Mixed-Use project we are happy to be a part of in the Upper Buena Vista neighborhood. It includes retail, bed and breakfast and residential cottages all interconnected with intimate walkways and gardens. “We have thoughtfully curated Upper Buena Vista to be a truly unique project that fully embraces the neighborhood’s vintage

Independent living facilities are geared towards seniors, but they don’t offer 24/7 nursing care like assisted living centers. They usually have housekeeping, dining and laundry services and run social programs. MODIS Architects designs solutions for Senior Center Planning.