Our Leadership


Ivo Fernandez Jr. LEED AP BD+C, CDP


As Principal & Co-Founder, Ivo Fernandez is the architectural visionary behind most of the firm’s award-winning designs by pushing the boundaries. Ivo oversees many of our projects through every phase. From the initial zoning analysis, through the master planning, design development, and construction phases, he stays deeply involved, a true testament to the power of the hands-on approach that defines our firm’s operational philosophy. Ivo has more than 20 years of design and management experience, and his portfolio includes some of today’s most critically lauded large-scale retail and mixed-use developments; aviation, office, and warehouse spaces; and category-defined residential buildings. His dedication to architectural excellence and infamous “All in or nothing” attitude set the pace for a challenging, innovative, and collaborative atmosphere at MODIS that results in work of the highest caliber.


Robert K. Morisette. AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, CDP


As MODIS’s Co-Founder & Principal, Robert Morisette helms the firm’s architectural operations with his technical acumen and expertise in executing practical design solutions. A talented architect and natural manager, he guides projects through from conception to completion effectively and efficiently, integrating his wealth of construction-phase knowledge with our clients’ needs and goals. The results are reliably on schedule, within budget and, most importantly, consistently exceeding expectations. His commitment to this type of service is what truly distinguishes MODIS as a blue-chip firm. Robert has more than 20 years of design and management experience, and his portfolio includes some of today’s most successful and innovative retail and mixed-use developments, as well as multi-family residential buildings. His team-player mentality reflects his leadership style, and his influence is evident in all aspects of MODIS’s operation.


Sheila Quigley-Martinez

Director of Interiors

Under the guidance of Sheila, Director of Interiors at MODIS Architects, our interiors department creates interior environments that are custom solutions, planned to maximize operational efficiency through space layout and technology. Sheila delves deeply into our clients’ operational needs and invests time in observing their work styles to design office environments that enhance their overall corporate business goals. Sheila has more than 25 years of experience and has led a number of successful projects throughout the Tri-county area. She has an extensive design and project management background highlighted throughout numerous diverse projects in Commercial Architectural Interiors, Corporate/Tenant improvement, as well as Governmental, Institutional and Medical facilities. Sheila is widely respected in the community for her thoughtful, detail-oriented approach, and for always providing our clients with efficient, functional and innovative working environments.


Yvan Polonio

Vice President

As Vice President, Yvan oversees the design and development of a wide array of projects, from large-scale mixed-use complexes, retail centers, and commercial buildings to historic preservation, government initiatives, and the full spectrum of residential developments. As a result of his vast experience, he has developed an unparalleled talent for seeing the big picture without losing sight of the details. It is a delicate, yet essential, balance of talents that also allows him to manage the day-to-day operations of some of the firm’s largest projects with grace and efficiency. A meticulous, proactive, and diligent leader, he ensures that the office production, standards, and quality control are perfectly in line with our clients’ needs. Yvan also fills the valuable role of mentor to our firm’s junior staff members, grooming them into future project managers and visionaries.


Rosendo Marcet

Project Manager

At MODIS, Rosendo plans, designs, and leads residential, commercial, institutional, and government projects. As the point of contact through all phases, he always honors our clients’ time by respecting deadlines, often finishing well ahead of schedule, and is universally respected for anticipating and proactively managing problems before they occur. Rosendo has the rare gift of being able to incorporate the cultural environment, surrounding architectural styles, and landscape all seamlessly into a design. He was the Project Manager for the recently-completed Miami Intermodal Car Rental Facility. A four story structure delivering 3,400,000 SF, this project included the integration of a 1.4 mile people mover, a central customer service lobby, quick turn-around area, a ready-return area, parking for 6,500 cars with multi-level fueling, maintenance areas, a support building, offices and chiller plant with a ventilation system that provides 6 air changes/hour.


Luciano Castellon, CGC

Senior Associate

Luciano is MODIS’s resident construction-phase extraordinaire. Put simply, he keeps our projects on schedule and moving forward, coordinating among all the necessary parties and the relevant municipal departments. He secures building permits, manages project submittals, monitors safety, and serves as a one-man clearinghouse for all vital information. With more than 20 years of experience as an architect, as well as being a certified and licensed general contractor in the state of Florida, Luciano is our boots on the ground, whether the project is a residential high-rise, a 100-acre mixed-use development or anything in between.


Paul Aragones, Jr.

Associate – Project Manager

With more than 20 years of design experience and numerous architectural accolades for projects around the world, Paul brings a modern, global perspective to the MODIS team. His portfolio includes conceptual design for retail, residential, and mixed-use developments as well as hotels and educational institutions. Paul is skilled in all facets of architectural design, project and design management, and construction administration, including the valuable talent of navigating through the cumbersome building and life safety code requirements. A true team player, his tireless work ethic and commitment to excellence motivate those around him to perform at their best.